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Painting a Galaxy and Stars with Acrylics in 10 Minutes!


Today we paint a galaxy with a starry night sky and planets in 10 minutes! This is a real time acrylic painting tutorial.

Hour long lessons & Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/onehourpaintings

Primary Red (By: Liquitex Baics)
Primary Blue (By: Liquitex Baics)
Titanium White (By: Liquitex Baics)
Mars Black (By: Liquitex Baics)

Medium round headed brush (Artists Loft)
Small round headed brush (Artists Loft)
Old square headed brush – with inconsistent bristles (Unbranded)

6×8 – Painted black. (I let it fully dry before beginning)

You can find my book on the essentials of acrylic painting here:

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  1. Beautiful Matt says

    I'd like to see a video that is exactly 10 minutes. I'll be happy then.

  2. Linda Draws says

    How long have you been painting for?

  3. shess2000 says

    what are you doing with all these paintings ?

  4. Nick Leon says

    Hey Ryan, good luck with the youtube game, maybe a collab with a big youtuber is all you need.
    Youtube is missing a go-to Viral artist, one with actual talent.

  5. The Phantom says

    | • w • | … naw

  6. S Oak says


  7. Josh Bray says

    I'm enjoying this painting! You're a pretty good artist & a commentator explaining what you're doing. Anyways, love your work and keep up the good work!

  8. Sheryl Ketchum says


  9. Createful Art says

    I love that I can get these done in 10 minutes. Thank you!

  10. مازن الجابري says


  11. Natasha Williams says

    You do such an amazing job thank you for the help!!!💖💖💖💖 I have a big commission paint coming up that I'm super excited to do and watching you videos gives me less pressure and more excitement!💖💖💖💖

  12. b e c k y 7 1 4 9 says

    i see handsome face, i click video

  13. Rohit Bhosale says

    Wonderful tutorial… thank you so much for this. You got be started with the painting. Some questions though.

    1. I wasn't sure how much water to use. I used it only for the step where some white was to be sprayed for bringing out white stars. Colour used to dry pretty quickly otherwise. Was that because I didn't use water at all?

    2. Did you have pink or did you make it with blue and red?

    3. Do you use separate brushes for every colour or it is okay to get them all mixed? I used one predominantly for pink, and then blue, second for the white to make galaxy bright, third for spraying the white and forth for black.

  14. JayDudeman says

    fantastic, love these space ones

  15. Mimi Harte says

    Beautiful, you just paint what I have in my mind! love it ,love it all your paintings.

  16. Louise von Montfort says

    Great tutorial, thanks for this!

  17. Louise Leong says

    I'm going to include this galaxy in my exam piece under surrealism…thank you…

  18. Eun Ji says


  19. Seraphina Mathias says

    so paint the colors over the wet black paint?

  20. Seraphina Mathias says

    will this work on a much bigger canvas? 10×12?

  21. Sierra Hudson says

    This didn't work for me. I tried your technique three times. Am I not understanding something? Blacl canvas and then paint it with black and work with it while it's still wet? I found it incredibly difficult to blend and make decent values. The black paint dries too fast before I can blend. Can I use water with it to make it dry slower? I ruined one of my brushes for this and I am feeling rather discouraged.

  22. Karan gupta says

    which type of colours are u using?

  23. Amna Mateen says

    awesome paintings!! can we make these paintings on a big canvas?

  24. Toxic Melody says

    lol your cat is looking for it's servent

  25. Jean Hurst says

    Fabulous – love it!

  26. Norah 28 says

    اسمه ريان ولا يتهيا لي

  27. Rick G says

    Wow I almost pulled this off.. 😀
    It looks good from about 4 feet away. (mine's 5 by 8 inches) lol

  28. Nataly DeFreitas says

    Just used your video to paint and it turned out great. Thank you!

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