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Painting the Planet Earth with Acrylics in 10 Minutes!


Today we paint the planet Earth floating in space with a sea of stars in fewer than 10 minutes! This is a real time acrylic landscape painting tutorial.

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Primary Yellow (By: Liquitex BASICS)
Primary Blue (By: Liquitex BASICS)
Titanium White (By: Liquitex BASICS)
Burnt Umber (By: Liquitex BASICS)
Black (By: Liquitex BASICS)

Large round headed brush (unbranded)
Medium square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Liner brush (Artists Loft)

Canvas Board (painted black) 8×10 inches


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  1. Pam Stefanik says

    I just discovered you! Love the painting. For those who cannnot draw ANYTHING…. how could I do this and get the shape decently accurate?

  2. Yuna' rt / art drawing says

    Hello, can you watch my channel and give me your opinion on my drawings?

  3. ALL BAT ART says

    Sua técnica me deixou de cara, profundamente influenciado. Obrigado!!!

  4. Ceren Dikmenli says


  5. AlexMeow bleufeline says

    Wow it's so amazing!!!
    I was just thinking of what to paint my best friend as her housewarming gift, guess I could give this a go, you made it look sooooo effortless and the outcome is breathtaking
    Thanks a lot for the video!

  6. Rex-Paula WuJa says

    Besser als von der NASA xd

  7. Vu Le says

    you love your titanium white don't you :))

  8. Smileyrie James says

    That's incredible for any painting much less one done in 10 minutes. I wish when we learnt to paint as little kids that we learnt layering instead of painting inside lines, it has such an amazingly rich effect. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & talent.

  9. The Phantom says

    when you create life in ten minutes

  10. Abdulla Sultonmurodov says

    will it be so good with oil painting?

  11. Raja Sekaran says

    what a beautiful painting
    amazing superb painting

  12. Аннушка Силивейстрова says

    Wow… This is a very real planet. I'm just learning to draw. This lesson is very useful for me. Thank you so much…

  13. bo bo zheng says


  14. Juan Ramón González Quezada says

    La imagen del final, se nota que la retocaste en digital

  15. thepotlady says

    Thank you for sharing your art. You inspire me!

  16. ѕʌм ᴌᴜᴙᴎʌɢᴇ says

    Just wanted to thank you! I googled 'painting beginner tutorials Earth' tonight and ended up on this video. Watched it, then 7 more. I was never able to take an art class (.. crappy, underfunded public education system haha) & didn't think I'd be able to keep up with painting anything like these miniature masterpieces of yours— but I was wrong and your channel is great! I absolutely love the tips & specifics about technique you drop along the way. You've inspired me to write a YouTube comment (lol, and to paint)! :3

  17. Asriel Dreemurr says

    Even when you got stars on the dark side of the planet, it actually looked good when you covered it because it looked like lights in cities. Even when you're failing you're succeeding!

  18. Keith Sampson says

    great work man

  19. HS105 says

    Okay I gave this a go. I foolishly thought he was using black paint at first when applying the background light. He is actually using just water before the blue. Is that correct?

  20. Zayd Menk says

    Awsome tutorial!

  21. Obl Ong says

    do you use reference pictures when u paint?

  22. Healthand ProsperiTea says

    Ryan, can you tell us what size canvas you are working with?

  23. Elly Greaves says


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