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Paper Craft – Giant Tissue Paper Flowers



These bold blossoms are fun to make and sure to add a bright touch to a Flower Party or any festive event. You can also make smaller flower by taking small sheets of tissue papers. Go ahead and create colorful flowers for your flower pot.


  • For each flower, you’ll need:
  • 6 large sheets of tissue paper in different colors
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Two 6-foot lengths of green crepe paper
  • One 4-foot bamboo garden stake
  • Tape


  1. For each flower, stack 6 different-colored sheets of tissue paper, then fold the stack accordion style the long way.
  2. tissue-paper-flower-step1

  3. Twist a pipe cleaner around the center.
  4. tissue-paper-flower-step2

  5. Round both ends of the stack with scissors.
  6. tissue-paper-flower-step3

  7. Open the flower by gently pulling up 1 layer of tissue paper at a time toward the center.
  8. tissue-paper-flower-step4

  9. Turn over the flower and use the pipe cleaner ends to attach two 6-foot strips of crepe paper streamers to the bottom of the flower.
  10. tissue-paper-flower-step5

  11. Now take those same ends and wrap them around one end of a bamboo garden stake. Tape them in place to secure.
  12. tissue-paper-flower-step6

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  1. Azza Giani says

    Hello Shweta Misra

    I’m a masters student ( MA Design for Communication), at University of Westminster/London. I’m working on my final project which is dedicated to handcraft and how beneficial they are to elders and children, I’d be greatful if you can help in finding some people of all ages in London who you might know of, who don’t mind taking part in re-search as exampes where crafts have added flavor and colored their lives.

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